Fearless cardiologist author, Dr Aseem Malhotra, busts myths and shares Pioppi health secrets

One of the most influential cardiologists in Britain and a world leading expert in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, Dr Aseem Malhotra is a brave advocate for public health initiatives. An award-winning NHS cardiologist, Dr Malhotra has successfully motivated leading academics, the media and politicians to make sugar reduction a health priority in the UK. His academic publications can be found in the BMJ and BJSM (see links below) and he is prominent in mainstream media. He recently published what is already a best-seller, “the Pioppi Diet: A 21 day lifestyle plan”.

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Is it harder to sleep as we age? Unfortunately yes.

As we age many of us find that it is harder to go to sleep and wake up rested. Below is a link to “Insomnia: What You Need to Know as You Age”, an article from Johns Hopkins Medicine.  I invite you to read this and take time to evaluate the quality of your sleep.

Insomnia: What You Need to Know as You Age

I also added a link for WebMD,”10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss”, which you may be surprised to learn.

10 Things to Hate About Sleep Loss

Improving your sleep will have numerous benefits and may help you live longer and healthier.